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Corporate video


We would like to draw your attention to a timeless form of promotion – Corporate video.

This dynamic form of presentation allows the viewer, in a short period of time, to be easily immersed in a variety of information in a catchy and interesting way.

How to start a business in Corporate Video?

Whether you’re a small company or a multinational corporation, the objective of the corporate video is the same. A key point to start with is to determine the purpose of the video, the intended audience and the type of media in which it will be used.

The purpose of corporate videos:

  • To present the company and to summarize the history of the company
  • To distinguish the presentation of new products from the older ones
  • To present participation in trade fairs
  • To show to the fair visitors, through video, everything that was not included on the display stand
  • To show the viewer how the product is used, serviced and stored
  • To show that corporate video has a training, marketing or promotional character

Our company pays great attention to the preparatory phase. We will discuss the options with you; we will assist you in the creation of the base line of video presentation in your company. We will help you find the optimal solution for your corporate video.

It is crucial to precisely target the right audience. Your target audience is:

  • spectators watching television in their own living room
  • customers in stores deciding between the brands or products
  • visitors to hotels, restaurants, cafes or bars
  • random passers-by passing in front of your shop

Targeting a specific group can be more difficult for companies that are just starting with video presentation. The biggest benefit in making a decision on which audience to target the corporate videos is always the experience of the owners of companies and management of companies.

The preferred presentation media:

  • Television broadcasting,
  • web-sites, social networking
  • indoor / outdoor advertising screens
  • multimedia DVD presentations,

So how do you start?

With a good cup of tea and a piece of paper in your hands, and with the guidance of our company. We are looking forward to a successful start and a long-term cooperation in the production of  a comprehensive and inspiring set of corporate videos.